Programmes Facilitator


jigsaw whanganuiis a well-established charitable trust. Through its various services our professional team works alongside whānau and families in Whanganui, Rangitīkei and Ruapehu to provide good care and nurture to their children. The agency identifies itself as a Te Tiriti Article 3 organisation and has a reputation for strong teamwork, professional excellence, respectful relationships, extensive networks and an absolutely commitment to the integrity of families and children’s wellbeing.


We are seeking someone qualified in social work or an allied field, to join our team delivering a range of parenting programmes.


We are seeking applicants who can demonstrate:

  • a track record of competent practice alongside whānau and families
  • experienced in group work and adult learning
  • an absolute commitment to the integrity of whānau and families
  • excellent teamwork and co-facilitation competencies
  • a sound understanding of children’s safety and wellbeing
  • the ability to establish and grow effective relationships with diverse people
  • a very high level of personal integrity and reliability
  • an absolute commitment to non-violence in their personal and professional life
  • growing competence through effective use of supervision and other supports


Hours are negotiable up to full time.


The successful applicant must have access to a reliable vehicle (mileage is reimbursed), be willing to work across the agency’s service delivery area, and meet the requirement of the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014.


jigsaw whanganui provides a highly supportive and nurturing team environment, committed to social justice and growing excellent practice.  We are offering a competitive remuneration package that includes professional development and registration.


Applications close at noon Monday 4  November. Interviews with shortlisted candidates will the following week.





HOURS:  permanent / as negotiated

AREA:    Whanganui, Rangitīkei, Ruapehu

ACCOUNTABLE TO:    Executive Officer


  • To assist the organisation in meeting its goal of delivering quality, accessible and professional services to whānau and families
  • To assist the organisation to provide programmes to families and whānau that promote effective parenting


  1. Engagement with Whānau and Families
  2. Programmes for Parents
  3. Administration
  4. Professional Development
  5. Liaison, Agency representation
  • Undertake initial visit/s with assigned families interested in the agency’s programmes, establishing their needs and the contexts of these and where their aspirations, hopes and goals align with the agency’s programmes
  • Provide relevant information about agency programmes and criteria, and explore expectations of participants
  • Identify other relevant supports and resources
  • Assist whānau to manage barriers to their participation in programmes
  • Maintain connection with the family during the course of the programme, assisting their integration of programme learnings
  • Actively promote and advocate for the safety of children and non-violent parenting practices as per agency policy
  • Work to address family harm and raise awareness of the impact of intimate partner violence and child abuse and neglect for children, families, whanau and communities
  • Work in collaboration with other services, adhering to agency policy regarding informed consent and safety
  • Undertake roles in the Whanganui Children’s Team (Lead Professional and Child’s Action Network) and Strengthening Families as required by the Executive Officer
  • Attend Family Group Conferences, case consults, whanau and family meetings, review meetings and other client related meetings as directed by Executive Officer
  • Advocate for whānau, families and their children; assist them to access resources and build networks of support
  • Ensure jigsaw whanganuipolicies regarding client privacy are maintained
  • Work within ANZASW Code of Ethics, jigsaw whanganuiprocedures and policies
  • Co-facilitate agency approved group programmes as assigned by the  Executive Officer
  • Participate in planning and debriefing programme sessions
  • Ensure any serious practice or family harm concerns are brought to the attention of the agency Practice Manager or Executive Officer immediately
  • Assist the Executive Officer in identifying, designing and refining programmes to be delivered by jigsaw whanganui
  • Ensure rooms and resources used for programmes are kept tidy and organised
  • Ensure agency processes regarding health and safety are carried out, in particular when programmes are being delivered outside of normal work hours
  • Ensure programme participant evaluations are completed
  • Deliver individual programmes to whanau as assigned and under the direction of the Practice Manager 
  • Keep all whānau information including programme attendance up-to-date in the agency’s client management system
  • Ensure Practice Manager has knowledge of family plans, goals, reviews and progress of whānau and families who are participating in an individual programme
  • Ensure leave applications, time-sheets and travel claims are accurate, submitted on time and adhere to agency policy
  • Actively reflect on facilitation practice, in particular co-facilitator relationships
  • Participate in regular external supervision as per agency policy
  • Participate in regular agency Peer Supervision
  • Maintain and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Attend relevant on-going professional development after consultation with Executive Officer
  • Attend and actively participate in all staff development sessions as organised by Executive Officer
  • Participate in performance reviews and agency evaluations
  • Attend and participate in regular team meetings
  • Attend and participate in agency meetings as required
  • Maintain appropriate professional accreditation’s
  • Support and assist the agency’s collaborations with other services to increase the safety and wellbeing of tamariki and children
  • Ensure up to date personal knowledge of iwi and community resources
  • Ensure the integrity of jigsaw whanganui is maintained when representing the agency, promoting our mission, philosophy and values
  • Work within agency policies, procedures and position description
  • Protect organisational and client confidentiality unless there is a risk to safety. Follow agency policy and procedure in the event of a safety issue




Please read the following carefully as this is essential information for applicants


Our organisation needs staff who actively practice respect. By this we mean a person who in their everyday interactions accept people as they are without judgment, understands and values differences, treats every person with dignity, is able to be honest about themselves and is able to manage their own reactions, thoughts and feelings. Practices power with not power over. Has a commitment to getting on with people and working through difficulties when they arise.

Applicants need to have a commitment to and living a violence free lifestyle.

We are looking for someone who is able to work as a member of a team and enjoys working with others. The successful applicant needs to be able to support and encourage other team members.

We value the uniqueness of individuals and their contribution to the spirit of our team and organisation.

The ability to be flexible is important in our organisation and to the families we work with. Coping well with change is essential. 

Our team likes to have fun and enjoys a laugh.

  • Degree in Social Work (or allied field)
  • Experience in group work, adult education, therapy
  • Experience in engaging positively with whānau to strengthen their wellbeing
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills

We are seeking someone who is committed to ongoing learning and professional development. The ideal candidate will have a number of the skills, knowledge and values listed below. The expectation is that the successful applicant will continue to develop their practice and competency in these areas:

  • Commitment to and understanding of the principles of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Sound structural analysis of society and awareness of issues of gender, race, class, disability
  • Experience of working in an empowerment model
  • Experience of working in a variety of social work/education/therapy models
  • Understanding of professional practice standards
  • Understanding of equity and ability to apply principles
  • Sound understanding of child protection theory
  • Sound understanding of family violence, its impact on women and children and the social contexts in which abuse occurs
  • Understanding of the current issues impacting on families
  • Ability to work cross culturally
  • Effective relationship building skills
  • Effective listening, negotiation and communication skills
  • Ability to relate to a wide range of people and organisations
  • Understanding of preventative philosophy
  • Ability to advocate using the empowerment model
  • Ability to work independently and as part of team
  • Ability to organise self
  • Excellent time management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good self-care
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • DIGNITY- based practice