To Clare, Fliss & jigsaw Team,

First to Clare and Fliss. Please continue doing this awesome but very intense course as it was a big eye opener for me and has really let me appreciate my beautiful babies & supportive whanau. You ladies do a great job. Second is a BIG CLAP & a Pat on the Back TEAM!!! The entire jigsaw team has made the Hawira-Pointon family feel so welcome and thank you all for the amazing contribution you have made to our family, our journey isn’t over but we are 3 quarters there thanks to you. And finally to Vanya, WOW!!!What a difference to when you first met us. Yes I know we did a lot of hard work last year but thanks to your support 2014 is going to be a good one. You gave us tips & pointers & let us find our own way. Your great at calming us down, my kids adore you and so do we. Thank you for helping & joining our whanau’s journey.

 Much Aroha
Hawira-Pointon Whanau