We are driven by one goal: to work with local families’ strengths, resources and hopes to enable them to be the best for their children

Jigsaw Whanganui is a Te Tiriti social service organisation working alongside whānau and families throughout the Whanganui region to be at their very best for their tamariki and children.


Our Story:

In 1989 our agency was established as Home-builders Family Support Services Inc. Volunteers were trained to provide practical support to parents and families. From here the agency worked to develop a professional social service, with expertise in engaging with families with complex needs.

In 2001 the organisation was reincorporated as Family Support Services Whanganui Trust, putting in place a governance and management structure. In 2002 the agency moved to its present site at 236 Victoria Avenue.  In 2004 the services previously provided by Parent Support Services Trust amalgamated with our agency’s services. In 2007 we began using Jigsaw Whanganui as the trading name of Family Support Services Whanganui Trust. In 2020 the service provided by Rise Stopping Violence Services were amalgamated with our agency’s services.

Our wide range of support includes social work, parenting programmes, family harm prevention support, and advocacy.


Why is Jigsaw Whanganui needed?

Non-profits exist with the goal being to benefit the general public, and we believe that this holds true with Jigsaw Whanganui.


We are grateful to the Impact Collective who have produced this video highlighting the work of our Jigsaw Whanganui team alongside local whānau and families.


A world where families flourish and children thrive.



To support families & whānau to provide quality care for their children and young people by providing professional social work services.



To enable families & whānau and extended family & hapu to provide quality care for their children and young people.

Our Mouri or Ethos: Kaupapa Whānau

  • We aspire for relationships across our agency to reflect whānau when at their very best
  • We meet with whānau to best understand and support their hopes and aspirations
  • We always work to uphold the mana and dignity of whānau and families, and their whakapapa, often in the face of systems that undermine their integrity
  • We encourage whānau to acknowledge their strengths and realise their resources and hopes
  • We work intentionally to grow the professional excellence of everyone in our team

Our Impact:

Jigsaw Whanganui has supported thousands of families and whānau across the Whanganui, Waverley, Rangitikei, and Ruapehu communities, on their journey to building respectful relationships and being the best parents they can be for their tamariki.

But there is still more work to do.

Whānau and families come to Jigsaw Whanganui seeking to:

  • Gain further parenting skills
  • Manage children’s difficult behaviour
  • Understand how their children thrive
  • Understand their own feelings and behaviour
  • Stop violent and abusive behaviour
  • Be guided towards other services such as: health, education, legal, counselling and income support, and help you get the support you need from them
  • Build hope


Donate and partner with us to enable change

Our goal at Jigsaw Whanganui is to enable couples, families and whānau to take better care of each other and their children, and where trust, safety and respect are restored. By making a donation to Jigsaw Whanganui, whether large or small, you’ll be enabling us to make sure people who face significant changes have the support they need to make positive changes in their life.