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Tai Te Ngahere (Olly) Taukamo
Tai Te Ngahere (Ollie) Taukamo

Born and raised in Ngati Porou, Ollie served in the military with distinction for many years before marrying and settling in Taranaki and then Whanganui. He was the first District Manager for Kohanga Reo leading the establishment of Kohanga across the Aotea Waka, and has been an advisor to the Ministry of Justice. His wisdom and support is highly appreciated by everyone in the agency.

Board Members

Brian Doughty
Brian Doughty (Chair)

Brian joined the Jigsaw Whanganui board because he sees it as a way he can support an organisation that works in an area of community need. Brian has a background in working with a diverse group of families in our rural communities. In his spare time, Brian can be found supporting other local charities in the community.

Dave Barton
Dave Barton

Dave was keen to support his local community in a way that would make a real difference socially, and saw being on the Jigsaw Whanganui board a way to contribute to this. Dave has a background in the animal health industry. In his spare time, Dave can be found in the outdoors or following various musicians.

Geoff Hipango
Geoff Hipango

Geoff joined the Jigsaw Whanganui board as a way of giving back to the community and to further his governance experience. He really likes Jigsaw and what it does for our community. Geoff has an impressive 30-year background in the health and social service industry. In his spare time, Geoff can be found hosting and meeting people from all different backgrounds, from all around the world.

Lorraine Taylor
Lorraine Taylor

Lorraine joined the Jigsaw Whanganui board as she was keen to contribute voluntary time to the Whanganui community through supporting the work of a valuable community organisation. Lorraine’s background in social work is valuable as she is very familiar with the work Jigsaw Whanganui does. In her spare time, Lorraine can be found enjoying (partial) retirement, she is focussing on her own whanau and visits them as frequently as possible, and also enjoys a spot of gardening.

Terry Dowdeswell
Terry Dowdeswell

Terry believes that families are the glue that hold society together, and he joined the Jigsaw Whanganui board because he wants to help spread the glue around. Terry is now retired from a self-employed innovative plant breeding business. He remains very much involved with the community through his involvement with SeniorNet, Community Education, and the Bason Botanic Gardens. In his spare time, Terry can be found gardening or spending time with family and friends.

Maria Potaka
Maria Potaka

Maria joined the Jigsaw Whanganui board as the work aligns with her passion for supporting whānau to be the best they possibly can be. Through Jigsaw Whanganui’s work, Maria would like to support whānau to determine their own goals and aspirations for their whānau. Maria currently works at Public Health as a public health nurse in Kohana reo and kura. In her spare time, Maria can be found spending time with her whānau, walking, swimming, or reading.

Senior Leadership Team

Tim Metcalfe

Executive Officer

Tim felt drawn to the social services industry through a deep-rooted passion for social justice and equity. Tim wants political and economic systems to uphold the mana and dignity of people. Tim has been on a 30+ year journey in the social service industry. He has led Jigsaw Whanganui for the past 16 years. In his spare time, Tim can be found reading, exercising outdoors, and at family get togethers.

Gael Clark

Practice Manager

For Gael becoming a social worker just made sense- the profession aligns with her personal values, beliefs, and the passion she holds to promote social justice for the wellbeing of all people. Gael has worked in the social services industry for 30 momentous years, and she is Jigsaw Whanganui’s longest standing staff member! In Gael’s spare time she can be found at home doing genealogy, baking, and gardening. She hopes to travel soon to again experience others’ ways of being in the world!

Gayna Ryan

Office Manager

Gayna was attracted to working at Jigsaw Whanganui as the agency Kaupapa and values really resonate with her. She is constantly amazed by the adversity and challenges so many families and whānau face, and their resilience and determination to be the best they can be. Gayna has been part of the Jigsaw Whanganui whānau for 7 years. In her spare time, Gayna can be found enjoying the great outdoors, gardening, walking the dog, and spending time with friends and family.

David Rees

Social Workers in Schools (SWiS) Team Leader

David became a social worker to make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to our community. He was drawn to the knowledges and theories about human behaviour and the critique of our political systems that have created inequality and oppression. David has worked in the social services industry for 24 years. In his spare time, he can be found restoring model railway locomotives, reading crime novels, and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to spot David consuming flat whites at local cafes.

Nicki Rees

Parent Learning and Support Team Leader

Nicki’s journey led her to the social services industry through her desire to support the hauora of tamariki in our whānau and community. She aims to encourage matua to enjoy and have fun with our tamariki. Tu mai e moko, te whakaata o ō matua, te moko o ō tīpuna. Nicki has worked in the social service industry for 7 years. In her spare time, she can be found enjoying music or the moana with her whānau.

Scott Taylor Moore

Family Harm Prevention Programmes Team Leader

Scott ventured into social work through a profound interest in people. He is always aiming to develop his skills and exercise his passion for clinical supervision with other kaimahi. Scott has been working with, and learning from people for 27 years, with stints in the USA, UK, and Aoteaora-NZ. In his spare times, Scott can be found exploring bookshops, beaches and byways with family and friends.

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