Information and Advice:

We are alway here to listen.

You can ring between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday or come into our office at Suite 10, 236 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui.

We will point you in the right direction of other services like health, education, legal, counselling and income support, and help you get what you need from them.

Intensive Home-based Social Work support for families under stress

Be visited at home by a social worker to work together on any problems you and your children are having, step by step. The stress could be about health, disabilities, trauma from violence and abuse, grief, addictions, learning difficulties, relationship breakdowns, money, or other things.

Young Parent Support

Especially for young people who have started their families, or have a baby on the way. Confidential information and advice, social work support (as above).



Parent Learning and Support

Our programmes are normally delivered in weekly daytime and evening group sessions. Our team is great at building a safe and supportive environment for Mums and Dads and other caregivers to discuss their concerns, practice new strategies, support one another and appreciate they are not alone in their parenting challenges.



White Water Years (WWY)

A learning and support group, developed by Jigsaw Whanganui, for parents and caregivers of pre-teens and teens.  It provides ways for us to explore and discover how we can parent alongside our tamariki and children as they grow through their teen years.


It aims to build skills and confidence in areas such as:

  • Relationship and connection with our teens
  • Respectful communication in our whānau
  • Strategies to respond to our teens needs
  • Understanding developmental stages of teens


MAPPS (Mothers Addressing Past Pain)

A therapeutic group for mothers who are experiencing intense anger and other emotions and are worried about taking it out on their children.


The programme provides a safe space to explore:

  • Anger and frustrations
  • Where they come from, including family patterns
  • Healing and resolving past traumas
  • Responding to triggers and other distresses

The Incredible Years

An extensively researched programme that supports parents/caregivers to enjoy the social and emotional development of their children and tamariki aged 3-8 years.


It aims to provide practical skills to build our confidence in areas such as:

  • Growing relationships with our children and tamariki through play
  • Encouraging behaviours we want to see more of
  • Effective communication
  • Dealing with specific problem behaviours such as meltdowns, not listening, fighting, attitude


Building Awesome Whānau (BAW)

A learning and support group for whānau caring for tamariki and children 0-12 years that draws on the unique wisdoms of Aotearoa. It provides space for whānau to share experiences and weave these together with a resource packed with stories and practical strategies. Resource developed by Parenting Place NZ

The group will explore:

  • Laying the foundations – Building your family on aroha
  • Parents are the roof – Protecting your whānau
  • The walls of the whare – Boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
  • Keeping it sweet – Atmosphere is everything!
  • Cool korero – Communication
  • Outside the whare – Living in the big wide world

No shoulds, no judgements, no boring bits - just lots of fun and useful stuff!

Our Kaimahi are very happy to meet with you to discuss how our groups could work for you, please call or email Jigsaw Whanganui to arrange.

Social Workers in Schools SWiS

Jigsaw Whanganui provides a school-based community social work service to whanau and families in several lower decile kura and schools in Rangitīkei and Whanganui. The SWiS service provides whānau and families with immediate advice and support as well as more intensive home-based support where stress is adversely affecting the children.

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