Our professional team can support your family and whānau to:

  • Enjoy your childrenfamily fun
  • Be confident and proud
  • Get more parenting skills
  • Manage children’s difficult behaviour
  • Understand how your children thrive
  • Understand your own feelings and behaviour
  • Stop violent and abusive behaviour
  • Be Well
  • Build hope
  • Point you in the right direction of other services like health, education, legal, counselling and Income support, and help you get what you need from them.

 We offer the following services:

Information and Advicephone

You can ring between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday for information and advice.

Intensive Home-based Social Work support for families under stress

Be visited at home by a social worker to work together on any problems you and your children are having, step by step.  The stress could be about health, disabilities, trauma from violence and abuse, grief, addictions, learning difficulties, relationship breakdowns, money, or other things.

Young Parent Support

Especially for young people who have started their families, or have a baby on the way.  Confidential information and advice, social work support (as above).

Programmes for Parents Our programmes are normally delivered in weekly daytime and evening group sessions. Our team are great at building a safe and supportive environment for Mums and Dads and other caregivers to discuss their concerns, practice new strategies, support one another and appreciate they are not alone in their parenting challenges.

  • The Incredible Years is an internationally recognised programme for parents of children 3- 8 years. The 14 week programme emphasises building relationships through play, social coaching, and modelling the behaviours parents want. It focuses on praise, limit setting, consequences and teaching children problem solving.
  • White Water Years is a 9 session programme we have developed for parents of pre-teens and teens.   It focuses on increasing communication, problem solving and limit setting.
  • Building Awesome Whanau is a 6 week programme developed by The Parenting Place here in Aotearoa. It can help you become an awesome parent or grandparent, even more awesome than you already are! No test, no judgement, no boring bits . . .  just lots of fun and useful stuff.
  • MAPPs (Mothers experiencing Past Pains) is a therapeutic programme run by two highly experienced counsellors in small groups. The programme links mothers’ past sufferings to their over-reaction to their kids behaviour. After making these links participants work to resolve past hurts and trauma in order to be not so triggered by their children.

Social Workers in Schools SWiSswiscara

jigsaw whanganui is currently contracted to Ministry of Social Development to provide a school-based community social work service, SWiS, to whanau and families  in 23 lower decile kura and schools in Rangitīkei and Whanganui. The SWiS service provides whānau and families with immediate advice and support as well as more intensive home-based support where family stress is adversely affecting their children.


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