To assist the organisation in meeting its goal of delivering an effective, accessible and professional home-based social work service to whānau and families.

Applications close at noon Thursday 26 April.


  1. Social Work with Whānau and Families
  2. Administration
  3. Professional Development
  4. Supervision
  5. Liaison, Agency representation


  • To be adequately informed of family needs and relevant information by :
    1. Reading Request for Service and other relevant information
    2. Discussion with Practice Manager
  • Follow up with appropriate other individuals and services with consent
  • Undertake thorough initial visit/s with families establishing their needs and the contexts of these, their aspirations, hopes, goals
  • Establish clear plans with families specifying agreed tasks to work on that support families to achieve desired change
  • Support, educate and assist in development of necessary skills within the family as per client plan
  • Actively promote and advocate for the safety of children and non-violent parenting practices as per agency policy
  • Work to eliminate family violence and raise awareness of the impact of family violence for children, families, whanau and communities
  • Work in collaboration with other services, adhering to agency policy regarding informed consent and safety
  • Undertake roles in the Whanganui Children’s Team (Lead Professional and Child’s Action Network) as required by agency management
  • Attend Family Group Conferences, case consults, whanau and family meetings, review meetings and other client related meetings as necessary.
  • Advocate for whānau, families and their children; assist them to access resources and build networks of support
  • Ensure jigsaw whanganui policies regarding client privacy are maintained
  • Work within ANZASW Code of Ethics, jigsaw whanganui Code of Ethics, Procedures and Policies
  • Keep all client information up-to-date in the agency’s client management system
  • Review progress of plans and goals with whānau and families
  • Complete final evaluations with whānau and families
  • Ensure Practice Manager has knowledge of family plans, goals, reviews and progress of whānau and families
  • Ensure leave applications, time-sheets and travel claims are accurate, submitted on time and adhere to agency policy
  • Actively reflect on social work practice
  • Maintain and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Attend relevant on-going professional development after consultation with Executive Officer
  • Attend and actively participate in all staff development sessions organised by Executive Officer
  • Participate in performance reviews and agency evaluations
  • Attend and participate in team meetings
  • Attend and participate in organisation meetings as required
  • Maintain competency for SWRB registration
  • Attend and participate in regular case management supervision with Practice Manager
  • Participate in external supervision as necessary in consultation with or when directed by Executive Officer
  • Participate in Peer Supervision as organised and directed by Executive Officer
  • Co-work with other jigsaw whanganui staff and/or students as directed and supervised by Executive Officer and Practice Manager


  • Support and assist the agency’s collaborations with other services to increase the safety and wellbeing of tamariki and children
  • Educate and network with other agencies to increase understanding of issues related to whānau and enhance social work role
  • Ensure up to date personal knowledge of community resources
  • Ensure the integrity of jigsaw whanganui is maintained when representing the agency, promoting our mission, philosophy and values
  • Work within agency policies, procedures and position description
  • Protect organisational and client confidentiality unless there is a risk to safety. Follow agency policy and procedure in the event of a safety issue